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Join Australia’s Freshest Broker Partnership ProgramJoin Australia’s Freshest Broker Partnership Program

Why Partner With Us?

Looking for a dynamic partner that will propel your brokering journey to new heights? Dive in and discover the Emu Money advantage, where we seamlessly combine innovative tools, industry expertise, and robust support to supercharge your success. From modern branding to advanced technologies, every facet is designed to amplify your potential. Here's why partnering with us is a game-changer:

Emu Money - Use a Fresh New Brand

Use a Fresh New Brand

Emu Money brings a breath of fresh air to the finance industry with our vibrant and modern brand. Founded by Moula's former CMO, our team combines industry expertise with innovative thinking to provide brokers with a unique and dynamic platform for success.

Emu Money - Outsource Your Marketing

Outsource Your Marketing

If you choose the Emu Money Branded Broker option, you'll benefit from national advertising campaigns, personalised broker mini-sites, social media support, and more to boost your visibility and attract clients.

Emu Money - Access More Lenders

Access More Lenders

Gain access to a diverse panel of over 40+ reputable Australian lenders, providing a wide range of lending products to meet your clients' needs.

Emu Money - Acquire More Leads

Acquire More Leads

Enjoy a stream of free organic leads and the option to access paid leads to grow your client base effectively.

Emu Money - Match Clients Faster

Match Clients Faster

Save time and boost confidence with our proprietary Lender Matching tool that matches clients with the ideal products and lenders within minutes, down to rate, term, amount, and documentation requirements.

Emu Money - Get an Industry-Leading CRM

Get an Industry-Leading CRM

Ambition Cloud CRM, designed by experienced finance asset brokers, streamlines your operations, adapts to your workflows, and provides valuable data insights to optimise your business.

Emu Money - Compliance Support

Compliance Support

Benefit from our best practice compliance assistance, ensuring that you and your clients navigate the complex regulatory environment with confidence.

Emu Money - Training and Development

Training and Development

Access comprehensive training and development resources to enhance your skills and stay updated with industry trends.

Two ways to grow with us

With Emu Money, you have choices that cater to your unique goals and aspirations. Whether you're looking to harness the power of a fresh and vibrant brand or keen on amplifying your own established identity, we've got a growth path tailored just for you. Explore the two exciting avenues we offer, and decide how you'd like to grow with us:



Use Emu Money’s fresh new brand.

  • Diverse panel of 40+ lenders

  • Industry leading CRM

  • Best practice compliance

  • Dedicated support

  • Transparent commission structure

  • Training and development

  • Use of Emu Money brand & email

  • Advanced Lender Matching tool

  • National advertising campaigns

  • Marketing setup and support

  • Personalised website

  • Free organic leads

  • Access to enriched paid leads

BYO Brand

Bring and build your own brand.

  • Diverse panel of 40+ lenders

  • Industry leading CRM

  • Best practice compliance

  • Dedicated support

  • Transparent commission structure

  • Training and development

    Backed by over 40 lenders

    We understand that everyone's financial journey is unique. Therefore, we've built connections with over 40+ Australian lenders to bring you a wide array of lending products. Whether it's a personal loan to help with education or home renovation, a car loan for that dream vehicle, a leisure loan for the next big adventure, or a business loan to fuel an entrepreneurial ambition, we provide you with the products, tools and support, so that you can find the right deal for your client quickly and settle it seamlessly.

    Affordable Car Loans
    Alex Bank
    Angle Finance
    Australian Motorcycle & Marine Finance
    Australian Premier Finance
    Automotive Financial Services
    Bank of Melbourne
    Branded Financial Services
    Capital Finance
    CarStart Finance
    Finance One
    Flexi Commercial
    Green Light Auto
    Morris Finance
    Now Finance
    Pepper Money
    UME Loans

    Ready to unleash your potential?

    Just share a few details and one of our team members will reach out to arrange a one-on-one to explore how we can help you build and grow a successful broker business.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Have a question? We've got the answers. Check out our FAQs below to learn more about partnering with Emu Money.

    What skills or qualifications do I need?

    To be an effective partner, a background in finance is preferable. We value interpersonal and networking skills, sales experience, emotional resilience, and energy and optimism. Additionally, a Certificate IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking is a minimum requirement, and we prefer individuals with at least 2 years of broking experience.

    What marketing initiatives does Emu Money undertake?

    We run national advertising campaigns and will support you in local area marketing, directory listings, and social media activities. We supply regular content for social posting and email campaigns. Moreover, you'll benefit from an Emu Money email address and a personalised website to promote your services.

    What are the operational costs involved?

    There are standard business costs that may include IT expenses, conference costs, phones, office space, and local area marketing. While having a branded car is an option, it's not a requirement.

    What hours am I expected to work?

    You have the flexibility to choose your own hours to suit your lifestyle. However, it's vital to ensure you provide timely advice and support to your customers.

    What ongoing support and training will you provide?

    We offer comprehensive training and continuous support. You'll join a network of peers for collaborative opportunities, have access to lender Business Development Managers, and benefit from our aggregator support and compliance teams. Regular marketing and growth meetings are also part of our support framework.

    How does Emu Money ensure compliance and stay updated with industry regulations?

    We prioritise regular training to keep you informed about compliance requirements. Additionally, we conduct routine compliance audits that guide our training focus.

    What resources do I need to start?

    Essential items are a phone, a laptop, and a car. Whether you choose to have office space or work from home is up to you.

    How much do I need to invest?

    The investment is minimal. You just need a phone and a laptop. We don’t charge start-up or contract initiation fees.

    How quickly can I get set up, trained, and start?

    Our streamlined process can have you operational within 4 to 6 weeks.

    Do you provide leads?

    Absolutely! We supply organic leads at no cost. Additionally, there's an option to purchase enriched leads sourced by Emu Money or our partners.

    How is the commission structure determined?

    You'll enjoy a significant share of the commission, determined based on volume tiers.

    What is the expected return on my investment?

    The sky's the limit! With no cap on commission, those with drive and determination have an outstanding earning potential.

    Are there exclusive territories or regions for partners?

    Currently, we don't offer exclusive territories or regions.

    What technology or software will I access?

    Partners get access to an industry-leading CRM, Ambition Cloud, along with our proprietary lender matching tools and marketing automation systems.